A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A 2D point-and-click adventure game inspired by the old Sierra and LucasArts games of the late 1980's & early 1990's. (In Development)


You play a frustrated, young computer and video game enthusiast living at home with your overextended and stressed mother, Meredith, and your self-centered and aloof sister, Brooke.

Nominally, you and your two friends: ever-scheming, wannabe ladies' man Scott; and hyperkinetic savant Nicole, set out to uncover the mysterious disappearance of the mercurial Dr. Joystick; however, you find the seemingly more mundane situations in your own home to be more rewarding.


  • All characters are 18+ and are depicted as unmistakably grown
  • 9+ Love Interests
  • 12 animated "reward" scenes (so far)
  • 1980's aesthetic and nostalgia
  • Original artwork & animations
  • Developed using Unity with Adventure Creator
  • All the "dad jokes" you can stomach


If you want to support the project, you can throw me a few bucks on my SubscribeStar page:


Install instructions

  • Download ZIP file
  • Unpack contents
  • Launch Five of a Kind.exe (the one with the retro blue floppy icon)


Five of a Kind v0.3.1.2-PC.zip 416 MB
Five of a Kind v0.3.1.2-MacOS.zip 434 MB
Five of a Kind v0.3.1.1-PC.zip 416 MB
Five of a Kind v0.3.1.1-MacOS.zip 425 MB
Five of a Kind v0.3.1 Walkthrough.pdf 237 kB
Five of a Kind v0.3.0.1 Walkthrough (PDF)

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what happens if you tell brooke you like bad girls

There's not really any consequences to that conversation. The point of that scene is to foreshadow Brooke's jealousy over the possibility of MC pursuing either Jasmine (good girls) or Andrea (bad girls).

ah ok thank you

I'm a bit stuck on the Meredith story. It says "you hear knocking at the front door" or something to that effect, but there's nothing there.

Hmmm. Where are you at in Meredith's story? I suspect the hint is related to the arrival of Aunt Charlotte. Try showing up in the Living Room and answering the door at different times of the day.

Tried that, every time of day, every day of the week. Nothing

Did you continue from a save that was started prior to v0.3? I don't normally blow up saves with an update, but I rewrote Meredith's story in v0.3, so if you have a save from v0.2 or before, you will likely encounter a lot of strange things.

I was looking in the comments and noticed someone asked about an android version at least a year ago. You replied that it would most likely be at the end of the year. Could you please give an update on that subject, Jorogr?


Sure. My view on that has shifted. When I wrote that, I imagined that those asking for Android would be playing on a tablet--something with a larger screen and not a phone. I have the ability to make an APK file build for the game but no way of testing it (yet). At some point, I will be able to test this and I would be absolutely shocked if the game is playable on a typical Android phone.

If I discover I can complete the game on an Android phone, I might provide an Android build on an as-is basis, but I don't want to put out something that I haven't tested myself because I would just be earning myself bad reviews and frustrated players. I don't want to create and maintain separate designs for Desktop and mobile.

Ok, thank you. Also i do use a tablet for most of the mobile games i play

Hmmm. Roughly what size tablet? Forgive me, I am ignorant about how players typically play games like this on mobile devices. Are there other games you play on a tablet that you wouldn't consider playing on a phone? My presumption is most people asking for Android want to play the game on a phone.

Hey dev please send your discord link please please

Dude could you sent your discord link please!


I made this account just to let everyone know that this game is absolutely amazing. I really hope there will actually be more to come!


Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. There is a minor update being worked on that will be released soon (couple of weeks away, something like that). Cheers!

i wish i could rate this game cuz tbh this has potential to being a really fun experience even though it already is. good job devs!


Thank you for the wonderful comment. Ratings were turned off recently, because the game was getting brigaded with 1 Star reviews from communities that clearly didn't bother to even download the game, let alone play it.

That's ridiculous! If it means anything I think what you have here is awesome.

I think an inventory system will slow the game and make things less fun as it doesn't really add anything. Maybe make things more streamlined and faster it's like there's a lot of downtime.


hey Jorogr i absolutely love the new update, but the game keeps crashing when i collect the wine from the cabinets.


One other person has reported having issues with the cabinets. Do you know how you are able to recreate that? I've not been able to get it to happen.

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i restarted the game and got the wine at the very beginning and it works now. before, i was already up to part where i was suppose to repay the debts. maybe that has something to do with the crash?


I think it's an issue with the animations overlapping. For me, it's rare, but I have seen it lock with an hourglass forever. If that's the issue, I will hotfix it soon (along with a few other issues). Thanks!


FYI, this should be fixed in the current version (v0.3.0.2)

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idk why but i dont have the wad of money in my inventory. can somebody help? and i dont know how to make money to pay the rent

I've updated Meredith's route, so the walkthrough from v0.2 is outdated. I'll try and post an updated walkthrough later today. To answer your question, when you get the foreclosure quest, start by talking to Nicole (who you summon in your bedroom using the jeans icon). Essentially, talk to all the people most likely to be invested in saving the home from foreclosure.

where can i find the walkthrough?

It's a downloadable attachment in the game's post (right below the PC and Mac download links).


five of a kind.exe isnt working for me on joiplay what should i do?

Unfortunately, I don't have great news. Joiplay is an interpreter meant to run Visual Novel type games made in RPG Maker, Ren'Py, etc. Five of a Kind is made in Unity, so it can only be run on PC or MacOS.

Hello jorogr, any news on the next update?😃


I'm confident 0.3.0 will be released this month. There's a slight possibility it could spill over into July, but I hope not.

That's good to hear. Just wanted to say you're doing a great job on the game. It's unique and refreshing 👍

Thank you so much!

Hey jorogr, just started playing the new 0.30 version, and I can't seem to find the stash of money in the trunk. There's only a credit card. I can't repay the closure without the money.

The walkthrough hasn't yet been updated to accurate to the big changes that were made in Meredith's story. The wad of cash is no longer in the game. You actually have to do things to raise the money. Talk to Nicole to start and as her about it. Then talk to Scott and Aunt Irene.

I really like my time with the game. Sure it was a bit annoying to figure out what I was supposed to do but once I figured it out or checked the guide since it felt a little unnatural, those problems were whisked away. I look forward to the next update and really enjoy the rather odd but lively aesthetic with even some of the more surreal dream sequences and the 3D model animation in that one dream. I'd say the aesthetic and dialogue are probably one of the stronger elements to the game. However, I'd say the movement of the characters moving screen to screen could use a little more polish I otherwise have not much else to complain about. Maybe when there's more I will have better feedback to provide since this project is still somewhat young. Keep up the great work and I wish you the best of luck in progressing with these updates. I'll certain to comment and or review them when I get the chance that I see them.

Thank you for the thoughtful review and for playing my game. There are a couple of built-in mechanics that are supposed to nudge you towards what you're supposed to do (the quest journal and there's an advice-giving character whose role is specific to that), however there's definitely room for improvement in that area. Movement speed will be increased for the main character for next update and I plan on looking into fast travel options for future release. Cheers!

I am glad to have been able to help and happy to hear the improved movement speed. Though you know what's funny? I actually somehow clipped into the corner with the Ghost and triggered the conversation sober before the whiskey. How I did it I do no know, probably the pathfinder or I clicked on the one pixel that didn't trigger the message. I hope with the journal the tasks/quests will be made a bit more clear as you continue to improve the UI. As well as some stuff with the childhood friend who happens to be summoned at the drop of your pants. I am very much looking forward to how you continue this project, a good bit of potential and the sort of humor I like in these point and click games. The balance thus far has been pretty good.

Hi Jorogr, when will the next update?

Hopefully end of this month, but we'll see.

im having trouble getting flowers for the ghost...after i get them for the mom i cannot buy anymore and when i restart i cant figure out how to call the florist for the ghost rather than the mom

Oh. For the ghost, there is a rose bush out in front of the house. You just pick a rose and give that to her. Mom won't accept the rose. She'll admonish you for picking a rose from her bush. Cheers!

my english is bad but i still want to comment, your work is amazing, is there any place where i can support like patreon or something similar? btw when will the next update be!

Your English looks pretty good to me. The only place I have set up to make donations on is SubscribeStar (http://subscribestar.adult/jorogr). Unfortunately, Patreon won't allow games with explicit "family" content, so I can't set up a page there. As far as the next update, there is no release date, but I'm aiming for mid Spring.

I was looking and I had found but, unfortunately, it rejects my cards when I try to subscribe, I still don't understand why, and it doesn't have a PayPal option :/

I've heard from people who say that SubscribeStar is banned in the country they live in, for some reason. It's unfortunate, but it's one of the only places I know that will not ban the game for its "family" content. I appreciate the support and I'll be on the lookout for alternatives to SubscribeStar. Cheers!

finally I was able to support without my card being rejected :D

i loved the extra sceen added in the last update with Meredith!!  At last some true action beyond kissing & blowjobs!!  I hope their love story keeps evolving  in the next release!!

Thank you!

hi jorogr, when is the new patch coming?

It's out. I posted it on SubscribeStar last night. Will be posting links here shortly.

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hi can you create a walkthrough because 
no info on what to do after demo and wiki page create

There are walkarounds floating around I know on F95 and other places. The only characters that need a walkthrough are Meredith and Lucy (none of the other characters have any significant content yet). I'll look into putting up a wiki. Thanks!

Thank you. I will be waiting for the development of the game

Hello there. When will the new version be released?

Next update is planned for end of October and will contain Pt. 1 of the Sister's route, as well as some quality-of-life improvements, and of course bug fixes.

android version?

Honestly, it will be probably be towards the end of the year before an Android version can be generated and tested. I anticipate a few aspects of gameplay will have to be tweaked to make the game playable on Android.

Hello, first of all your game is really good. But I'm having a hard time doing fixing duties. You wrote a walkthrough for mom but I couldn't find. Where can I find the walkthrough?


Thank you for trying my game! I've pasted the Mom walkthrough below.

1. Begin to pick up your messy room, starting with the socks and the trash can (far right of screen) and sneakers. [3/6 messy room items]

2. Exit the bedroom via the door to the north.

3. Head downstairs to the Living Room.

4. Exit to the east doorway into the kitchen.

5. View the cut scene of Meredith asleep at the kitchen counter.

6. You will be teleported to the second floor outside Meredith's bedroom.

7. Enter your bedroom (second door from the left)

8. Pick up the light blue shirt hanging from the bed and pair of underwear hanging off the side of the bed [5 of 6 messy room items].

9. Use the hand icon on your bed and Lie Down.

10. From the bed closeup screen, select "Sleep" to rest until morning.

11. When you wake up, click on the green telephone (which should be ringing) to answer it.

12. View the cut scene with Scott.

13. Pick up the dark blue swimming trunks hanging from the dresser (underneath the phone) [6/6 messy room items]

14. View the cut scene with Meredith.

15. When she leaves, head out to the upstairs hallway.

16. Enter the door at the end of the hall (to the north) to enter the Upstairs Bathroom.

17. Click the Hand icon on the Sink and take the mirror and the lotion.

18. Click the Hand icon on the toilet, which brings up a multiple choice menu.

19. Select Flush toilet.

20. Select Fix Toilet. [1 of 5 repairs completed]

21. Head downstairs to the Living Room.

22. Take the pink blanket from the piece of furniture under the window on the left.

23. Use the Hand icon on white door next to the stairs to enter the Basement.

24. Use the Hand icon on the fuse box (gray panel next to the guitar case)

25. In the fuse box closeup, Use the Hand icon on the switch labeled "M.Bedroom" (third one from bottom on lower right) [2 of 5 repairs completed]

26. Leave the fuse box closeup.

27. Use the Hand icon on the shelf above the washer and dryer to take a lightbulb.

28. Enter the kitchen (far left side of Living Room)

29. Use the Hand icon on the back door to exit to the Back Yard.

30. Walk down towards the bottom of the screen until you see the roof of the Shed.

31. Use the Hand icon to click on the Shed and enter.

32. Use the Hand icon on the toolbox (turquoise blob) and take the Screwdriver and Allen Wrench.

33. Use the Hand icon to take the Ladder (left side of screen).

34. Exit the shed.

35. Walk up close to the house until you can see the dryer vent (gray square next to the window).

36. Click on it and use the Ladder to remove the wad of dryer lint.

37. Use the Screwdriver on the outdoor lamp (next to the door) [3 of 5 repairs completed]

38. Use the Lightbulb on the outdoor lamp to change the bulb. [4 of 5 repairs completed]

39. Since it will be too late to do any more repairs, enter the house through the back door.

40. Enter the Living Room from the Kitchen through the doorway to the side.

41. Click the Hourglass icon on the couch (to rest) until the time of day (top of the screen) says "Midnight."

42. There should be someone at the front door. Click on the front door (all the way to the left).

43. Watch the cut scene with Scott. You will be teleported to your room.

44. Click the Hand icon on your bed and from the closeup, select Sleep to sleep until morning.

45. Meredith will enter your room and acknowledge the 4/5 repairs and also become concerned about the mannequin.

46. Enter the Kitchen and use the Allen Wrench on the sink, fixing the garbage disposal. [5/5 repairs completed; Secret Benefit Unlocked]

47. Head upstairs to your room and Sleep.

48. This will trigger a cut scene of Meredith expressing her concerns about MC to her friend Esmerelda.

49. Go downstairs to the Kitchen.

50. View the cut scene of Meredith obtaining a box of dirty magazines for you.

51. Go upstairs to your bedroom. Meredith should enter your room and ask to practice kissing. [1 of 4 "reward" scenes unlocked].

52. Head downstairs to the kitchen.

53. Click the Talk icon on Meredith. (If she's not there, sleep until morning. She appears in the kitchen during Morning and Midday).

54. Use the Talk icon on her in Portrait view and select "Ask how she's doing..."

55. Select "Give her a compliment..." [1 of 5 Thoughtful Gestures completed]

56. Select Never Mind to return to the kitchen.

57 Use the Hand icon on the coffee maker to prepare her coffee for her night shift. [2 of 5 Thoughtful Gestures completed]

58 Enter the Living Room and head west to the front door.

59 Use the Hand icon on the front door to open it.

60 Use the Hand icon on the mailbox to get the flyer and phone number for the florist.

61 Use the Hourglass icon on the couch to rest until Evening. Meredith should appear asleep on the couch in her waitress uniform. 

62. Use the Blanket on Meredith to cover her up. [3 of 5 Thoughtful Gestures completed]

63. Head upstairs to your bedroom.

64. Watch the cut scene with Nicole.

65. Click on the green telephone and call the Florist.

66. Watch the cut scene as MC clumsily orders flowers for Meredith.

67. Use the Hand Icon on the bed, Lie Down, and Sleep until morning.

68. Head downstairs to the Kitchen.

69. Watch the cut scene where Meredith acknowledges the bouquet of flowers. [4 of 5 Thoughtful Gestures completed]

70. Head upstairs to your Bedroom.

71. View the cut scene and the ensuing "Reward" scene.

72. To progress through the "Reward" scene, just keep using the Talk icon on Meredith. Eventually, she will figure out what to do.

  Note: If you finished all 5 Repairs, the Secret Benefit will be revealed and she will peek through her fingers.

73. When the scene is finished, use the Exit icon on either side of the screen to return to your bedroom.  [2 of 4 "reward" scenes unlocked]

74. Use the Hand icon on the trunk at the foot of your bed.

75. In the ensuing container dialogue, take all of the items (although you only need the wad of money).

76. Open your inventory by moving the mouse up to the top left of the screen and clicking on the cardboard box.

77. Use the hand icon on the wad of money to add $5000 to your total.

78. Lie down on the bed and Sleep until morning.

79. This will activate another cut scene where Meredith has a phone call with her friend Esmerelda.

80. Head downstairs to the Living Room.

81. Open the front door and use the Hand icon on the mailbox to get the Foreclosure Letter.

82. Enter the Kitchen and talk to Meredith.

83. Use the Talk icon again to bring up the conversation list.

84. Select "Mom... Foreclosure?"

85. Select "Update on financial difficulties"

86. Go upstairs and enter the furthest door on the left to enter Brooke's Bedroom.

87. Click on the orange cup on the white vanity to take the Haircutting Scissors.

88. Head downstairs to the kitchen.

89. Talk to Meredith and use the Haircutting Scissors on her.

90. This will unlock the Haircutting cut scene. [3 of 4 "reward" scenes unlocked]

  [Note: This will unlock the "Mother of All Bombs" Benefit]

91. You will be teleported to the Upstairs Bathroom.

92. Go upstairs to your Bedroom and sleep until morning.

93. Meredith will enter your room and give you another "reward" [4/4 "Reward" scenes unlocked]

94. You will get a short epilogue acknowledging you completed the Demo (at least Meredith's quest line)

95. With the "Mother of All Bombs Benefit Unlocked, if you ask Meredith to practice kissing again, she will take off her top.

96. Also, with the "Mother of All Bombs" Benefit Unlocked, if you use the Hand icon on Meredith breasts in her portrait view, she will take off her top.

I'm stuck a the puzzle quest, I seems to finished it but the quest still saying that I have not yet finish it

The puzzle quest, you mean for Jasmine? You have to find the strategy guide in your room then tell her the solution ("Ask About Puzzle" again). Then you have to wait a day (or however many days it takes for her to reappear in Brooke's room by herself). Honestly, though, there isn't a whole lot of content for Jasmine/Marie/Brooke. The most you get from Jasmine's route is you can get her phone number and then make an awkward phone call to her at night, then you get a message that you've hit all that has been completed for that route.

Oh, I thought the quest are the requirements for the basement ghost, Is there any guide or any playthrough for the game? 


I wrote a walkthrough for the mom. The only other character that would need one is the ghost but I've not written a walkthrough for her. I'm not sure what point you're at in her story, but it's a short route and goes like this:

  • Overcome fear by taking two shots of scotch in the evening (scotch is in the kitchen on the shelf).
  • Meet ghost, give her a gift (a colorful, fragrant one) to gain her trust.
  • Talk to her for a bit to discover her problem.
  • Give her something that will show her the truth.
  • Come back in a few days after she's done processing.
  • Keep checking the house at night (Night or Midnight) for her to return.
  • When she returns, give her a more intimate gift (she likes jewelry)
  • Talk to her some more.
  • Use the "Benefit" you unlocked when she flashed you. (should result in animated "reward" scene with her)

I hope that is helpful. Cheers!

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Hint/Spoiler: Some girls like flowers.

Thank you very much. I hope you're having anywhere near as much fun as I'm having making it. :D

This game really hit me right in the spot, I don't regret the time I played this demo, I could only imagine what adventures are coming for the MC, I recommend it 100%.